Iowa class Battleship Main Turrets Firing

Iowa class Battleship Main Turrets Firing | World War Wings Videos

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A Boat With Guns

Battleships were just so badass to watch back then. Their impressive armament was to be respected on the seas. It was impressive but battleships are rare to come by. 

Sadly, only six Iowa-class battleships were ordered in the 1940s.  Battleships are very costly to maintain and producing them costs around $100M. But who cares about the cost when you can see nine 16-inch 50-cal guns go off, right?

These large-caliber guns can hold two types of shells. First is the 2,700lb Mk. 8 used for piercing armors of ships and structures. The second is the 1.900lb Mk. 13 which was used against unarmored targets and for bombing shores due to its highly-explosive rounds. 

Iowa-class battleships are the most heavily armed gunships in the US Navy.

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