2 Dead After Military Training Jet Crashes In Air Show

2 Dead After Military Training Jet Crashes In Air Show | World War Wings Videos

Instagram / @crashestvraw

Another Air Show Tragedy

Two people have died after an L-29 Dolphin military training jet crashed and burned at an airshow display in Villa Canas, Santa Fe, Argentina.

Wikimedia CC / Bernard Spragg (not actual picture)

Video from the show on November 12 showed the aircraft making several passes over the runway as it surprised the spectators below.

The horrific crash happened moments after it performed a particularly low-level pass over the Argentinian crowd. It came down fast toward the ground and burst into flames as it smashed into a field a few feet away from a busy road.

Instagram / @crashestvraw

Local Fire Chief Horacio Pereyra said this about the incident:

“[The jet] made a low flight and when it finished crossing the runway at one of the runways, it made a half spin and then plummeted to the ground.”

Gaston Vanucci and Nicolas Skares, the pilot and copilot, died before first responders could reach the scene of the crash.


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