10,000 RPM Cannon Is Insane

10,000 RPM Cannon Is Insane | World War Wings Videos

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Insanely FAST!

You’ve seen rotary cannons that can reach 6,000 rpm like the M61 Vulcan. But have you ever seen a rotary cannon that can fire 10,000 rounds per minute?

The AK-630M, a Russian close-in weapon system from the 1970s, is a fully automatic naval rotary cannon that can fire between 5,000 and 10,000 rpm. The “630” designation comes from its 6-barrel and 30mm caliber configuration.

YouTube / VEXR

It is mounted in a turret and is directed by the MR-123 radar, employed against ships, coastal targets, and floating mines. To achieve 10,000 rpm, this cannon stacks the two turrets on top of each other.

YouTube / VEXR

Unsurprisingly, these machines were rapidly adopted in every new Russian warship – with larger ships carrying up to 8 units! So what does a 10,000 RPM cannon look like? Check it out below!

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