Largest RC Concorde- New Video Surfaces

Largest RC Concorde- New Video Surfaces | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / RCScaleAirplanes

Flying Like A Jet

Otto Widlroither’s massive Concorde flies like a fighter jet. The Concorde participated at the Jets & Props Exhibition this year and gave one hell of a show.

Its size alone can leave anyone impressed. The 1/6 scale model has a 13ft wingspan and is 33ft long. As you might have guessed by now, this plane is quite heavy. It weighs 329lbs while carrying 5.8 gallons of fuel. For power, it makes use of its four JetCat P300 Pro engines. 

The RC model’s heavy weight can also be attributed to its carbon fiber sandwich structure. These structures are usually composed of a carbon-fiber face sheet, a thin tissue of aramid fibers, and an aluminum-foam core.

You’d never realize it weighed 300lbs judging from its performance, though. 

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