Latest Pics And Vids From Yesterday’s Oshkosh Airshow

Latest Pics And Vids From Yesterday’s Oshkosh Airshow | World War Wings Videos

EAA- The Spirit of Aviation & Cockpit360 / Facebook

As part of our daily update, here’s what happened at the Oshkosh airshow on Tuesday, July 24th, 2018. We compiled some great pictures and videos from both their official Facebook page as well as some of the attendees.


As a refresher, EAA Oshkosh AirVenture is the biggest airshow in the United States. Hosting over 10,000 aircraft and attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators, this airshow has something for every aviation buff. From vintage warbirds to state of the art jets, if you love all things that fly, this is the place to be.

Latest Pictures and Videos

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“Today’s #OSH18 2:30 p.m. air show lineup, presented by Quest Aircraft Company and Pratt & Whitney Canada: Patriot Parachute Team, Sean D. Tucker (Oracle Challenger III), Philipp Steinbach (GameBird 1), Workhorse SureFly octocopter, Boeing Honeywell 757, Jeff Boerboon (Yak-110), Homebuilts Review, Kyle Fowler (Rutan Long-EZ), Warbirds of America show including NATA 80th anniversary, Greg Koontz (Super Decathlon), Bob Carlton (SubSonex JSX-2), Manfred Radius (Salto Sailplane), Kyle Franklin (Dracula), 2018 Bill Barber Award Winner Greg Shelton, Royal Air Force 100th anniversary (various RAF aircraft), KC-10, C-17, C-5 arrival.”-EAA-The Spirit of Aviation

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“Here’s what the Warbirds ramp looks like when you’re about to celebrate the North American Trainer Association 80th anniversary in the air show. Photo courtesy of Cockpit360.”-EAA-The Spirit of Aviation

C-17 made an appearance too!

A beautiful STOL Cub goes straight up.

Here’s a very rare look at a Gloster Meteor.

Stay tuned every day for new updates. We’re following the airshow closely to show you the best pictures and videos of the day. Enjoy!

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