Listen To How The WW2 Corsair Got Its Nickname

Listen To How The WW2 Corsair Got Its Nickname | World War Wings Videos

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The Whistling Death

The FG-1 Corsair is one of the most lethal and feared fighters during World War II. Corsairs flew more than 64,000 sorties and accounted for over 2,1000 air combat victories, with only 189 losses. Thus, it had an overall kill ratio of 11:1.

The aircraft could easily outclimb, out-run, and out-fight any propeller-driven enemy aircraft. Known for its unique design and large propeller, it also comes with a distinctive sound made at a higher airspeed.

The video features a Goodyear-built FG-1D Corsair of the Old Stick and Rudder Company during a display at the Hood Aerodrome in Masterton, New Zealand.

If you listen closely to the footage, you’ll exactly know why Corsair got its nickname. When doing high-speed dives, you can hear the whistling noise from the aircraft. How cool is that?

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