What Makes The F-117 So Stealthy?

What Makes The F-117 So Stealthy? | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Air Zoo

One of the Pioneers

The F117 Nighthawk was, and still is one of the most iconic stealth aircraft ever made. For the last year or so, the AirZoo has been restoring one, noticing the clever design and the science involved in making the aircraft stealthy. The video talks about the features of the aircraft that made it possible.

YouTube / Air Zoo

The use of a lot of sections of flat surfaces in various sizes and shapes is done to decrease the radar cross section or RCS of the 117. It deflects radar in odd directions, so it’s difficult to detect and track the aircraft. The F117s also flew its missions at night so the cover of darkness significantly reduces visibility. 

When in full stealth operation, the F117 doesn’t emit any electromagnetic noise, no UHF, IFF, Radar Altimeter, or any avionic signals emitted. 

YouTube / Air Zoo

No wonder the Nighthawk was considered very stealthy early on!

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