Massive Anti-Air Gun Blockade Unleashes A Brutal Onslaught

Massive Anti-Air Gun Blockade Unleashes A Brutal Onslaught | World War Wings Videos

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As Europe prepares for a potential war against its enemies troops are stepping up their game to ensure that they are combat ready. Romania has dispatched 100 air defense specialist units to Poland to undergo advanced anti-air tactics.

Members of Romania’s 205th Air Defense Battalion joining NATO forces to increase defenses on the eastern flank. This will mark the first time that the 205th Air Defense Battalion has been deployed for foreign territory on behalf of NATO.

“It’s important to Romania to participate to this battlegroup but it’s also very important to the Alliance to enhance this capability, for the battlegroup to have air defence. We have worked before with our Allies but only in Romania, we have never worked abroad.”

– Captain Nistor Andrei

Gung Ho Vids

In this video, you can see the precision and destructive power of the 205th Air Defense Battalion. A full barrier of anti-aircraft guns launches attacks in this clip to show that they are prepared for any assault headed their way.

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