Meet Miss Mitchell: Looking Good As Always

Meet Miss Mitchell: Looking Good As Always | World War Wings Videos

Beautiful B-25 Mitchell Flight Demo

Designed in 1939 and named after Billy Mitchell, both a general and a pioneer in aviation, the B-25 Mitchell was a medium bomber that saw extensive use during World War II. At first intended as an attack bomber to be exported to France and the UK, the B-25 remained in the U.S., losing to a Douglas model but ending up with several upgrades and some great achievements as the war raged on.

  • Originally meant to house a crew of three, the later models had room for six.
  • With a maximum take-off weight of 35 thousand pounds, a wingspan of 67 feet and 7 inches and a length of almost 53 feet, the Mitchell could reach a speed of 272 mph and fly at 24 thousand feet.
  • Fitted with two Wright R-2600 radial engines with 14 cylinders and an impressive number of .50 caliber machine guns, this bomber could carry up to eight rockets and three thousand pounds of bombs.

Almost ten thousand B-25 Mitchell airplanes exited from factory floors with many of them being used in the Pacific. A jack of all trades as far as bombers go, the Mitchell had the most success in attacking ground targets from low altitudes, like the bombing of Tokyo in 1942. Flown by USAAF, the US Navy, the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Air force, the B-25 remained relevant for over 40 years.

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