Memphis Belle Movie CLIP – Dive (1990)

Memphis Belle Movie CLIP – Dive (1990) | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Movieclips

Fantastic Film

Can’t get enough of war drama films? Then Memphis Belle is a classic 1990 British-American war flick that follows the crew of the famous Memphis Belle. The crew of the US Eighth Air Force B-17 bomber is now on their twenty-fifth combat mission. The men will be taking the plane for a publicity tour all around the US- but first, they had to survive their last and final mission. 

We got to say, while this movie was made in 1990, the effects were surprisingly awesome. Interestingly though, you might probably notice in the videos B-17s were fitted with Stuka dive sirens. But we get it- this movie was done more than 30 years ago. Still, one of the classic war films to look out for on our list. 


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