MiG Jet Drops Bomb Right On Top Of ISIS Cameraman’s Head

MiG Jet Drops Bomb Right On Top Of ISIS Cameraman’s Head | World War Wings Videos

Russia Insider

Hello, My Name Is Johnny Al-Knoxville

ISIS has been doing a great job lately recording their own deaths. Hey, we’re not complaining. It provides some pretty entertaining footage. Here we see some Allah-snackbar-screaming knuckleheads trying to shoot down a Syrian Army (Russian-made) MiG-21. They’re using a pickup truck with a mounted AA gun in hopes of downing the attack aircraft. Not surprisingly, the MiG circles overhead, and makes a bombing run that was caught on film from an ISIS’s point-of-view. (The video source says ISIS, but it may be FSA. Whatever. Same crap.)

You’ll see how the MiG takes things old-school by dropping a couple unguided bombs on their heads. Nicely done.

It’s always fun to watch the bad guys lose. Whoever added the subtitles to this video is absolutely genius. The people at Russia Insider nailed this piece on the head! Obviously, the subtitles are not really what they are saying in the video, but it’s good for a quick laugh. Great stuff guys. Keep them coming.

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