Navy SEALS Crazy Parachute Jump Into Football Game!

Navy SEALS Crazy Parachute Jump Into Football Game! | World War Wings Videos

YouTube Public Domain TV

This Made My Palms Sweat

Let’s hand it to these guys — not everyone can do that insane jump especially me. I almost fainted dead away after the first few seconds of the video. This is one of those rare times when I’m mighty glad I’m not watching this on VR. Lol. Anyway, this happened just last April 16 during the Knoxville Navy Week. Members of The Leap Frogs, a US Navy Parachute Team, jumped into Neyland Stadium to kick off a football game.

This is so bad ass even Batman will approve. And I bet it will look more awesome if they had some AC/DC music blasting in the background while they’re landing on the stadium. Best of the best! Have you seen anything so cool? Nothing like coming down from thousands of feet above! Meanwhile, let’s thank the C-130 for being a great jump platform — among other uses, of course.

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