New Docuseries ‘Surviving B-17s’ Teaser Looks Incredible-It’s A Warbird Fan’s Dream

New Docuseries ‘Surviving B-17s’ Teaser Looks Incredible-It’s A Warbird Fan’s Dream | World War Wings Videos

B-17 Archaeology / Facebook

Buckle In.

For us here in the U.S., B-17 Flying Fortresses are probably our favorite bombers. They’re the Lancasters of Britain. They did a ton of heavy lifting during World War II, but even though over 12,000 of them were produced, only 11 remain airworthy. As for the crews that flew them and have first-hand accounts of flying them, well, that number gets lower and lower every day.

This is why short documentaries such as this one are so important. They immortalize their experiences for future generations to hear and learn from.

CLICK HERE for the trailer.

We found this project through a Facebook group called B-17 Archaeology. From some of their posts, we’ve gathered that they had this in the making for a very long time and are finally in the stages of talking to big name distributors to air them. The docu-series focuses on the 50 surviving B-17s and the stories behind them. When they can, they interview the crew members that are still with us. If you’re a fan of these lovely girls, these episodes will be right up your alley.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a clip of the trailer on YouTube that we could embed below here as we typically do, but if you click on the link above, it’ll take you straight to the trailer. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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