News | 2200 lb. WWII Bomb Found By Divers-They Had To Blow It

News | 2200 lb. WWII Bomb Found By Divers-They Had To Blow It | World War Wings Videos

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One Of Thousands To Still Be Found.

World War II was the most brutal war the world has ever seen and remnants of it are still felt to this day. From Poland to Germany to Russia, unexploded bombs and mines still litter their lands, sometimes being found by unsuspecting civilians.

On June 8th, 2017, divers found a massive, unexploded mine close to the shores of Sevastopol, Russia.

We’ve had over a dozen bombs found in Europe just in the first half of this year alone, but this one is massive. At 2,200 pounds, it could be fatal if it went off near a ship.

Although the report didn’t mention the exact type of bomb, RT did mention it was a German airborne non-contact mine. This would indicate that it was a “parachute mine.”

Used by the RAF but later by the Luftwaffe, these bombs descended on parachutes and had a mechanism that would detonate them above the ground/water to maximize their blast. The idea was that detonating them above rooftops could level a whole block or more because the same bomb dropped between streets would have its blast obstructed by buildings.

This one, however, never went off and certainly needed to be disposed of. Check out that blast here.

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