News| F-35s Grounded By US Air Force – Fatal Flaw Discovered

News| F-35s Grounded By US Air Force – Fatal Flaw Discovered | World War Wings Videos

Defense Tech

Lightning Grounded.

After a lengthy development period, the United States Air Force finally declared the F-35 fighter jet to be combat-ready. Lockheed-Martin’s $1.5 trillion development program has met with heavy criticisms, delays and system errors. When it seemed like all is going according to plan the discovery if a fatal flaw has grounded the F-35. The latest issue plaguing the F-35 is actually a wiring malfunction as well as a faulty coolant tube insulation.

“This could result in excessive negative pressures in the fuel tanks during flying operations or excessive positive pressures during air or ground refueling. In either case, the under- or over-pressure could cause structural damage to the fuel tanks.”

– Ann Stefanek (US Air Force Spokeswoman)

Problematic coolant lines have been discovered in 57 of the 108 F-35 units in service. The “peeling and crumbling” of insulation tubes leads to an excessive residue buildup within fuel tanks and destabilize the aircraft. While the US Air Force places a temporary pause on the F-35 it does raise more questions on safety. Should the Air Force fix these flaws or should it stay down for good? Additional commentary on the grounding of the F-35 can be wochit News.

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