News| Russia’s Stealth Fighter Enters Final Phase – Weapon Tests

News| Russia’s Stealth Fighter Enters Final Phase – Weapon Tests | World War Wings Videos

Alexey Mitaev

Ready, Aim.

The race to build the most powerful stealth fighter is still up in the air. The United States with the F-35 faces constant setbacks and development issues, while China’s knockoff J-20 has it even worse. While the competition works out the kinks in their systems Russia’s stealth fighter is entering its final phase, weapon testing.

Despite the title of “stealth fighter” Russia has been openly displaying the Sukhoi PAK FA T-50 whenever they can. Prototype jets have been demonstrating aerobatics at Russian air shows and even public photo shoots with Vladimir Putin. Now Russian military officials have declared the T-50 ready for combat testing as it enters its final development phase.

“The ninth prototype will start undergoing trials today. We have switched to its comprehensive trials. We are testing its weapons and the entire avionics suite.”

– Yuri Borisov (Russian Deputy Defense Minister)



  • Guns: 1× 30 mm (1.181 in) 9A1-4071K (GSh-301) cannon in right LEVCON root
  • Air to air loadout:
    • 4× K-77M or 4× izdeliye 810
    • 2× K-74M2 or 2× izdeliye 300
  • Air to ground loadout:
    • 4× Kh-38M or 4× Kh-58UShK or 8× KAB-250 or 4× KAB-500
    • 2× K-74M2 or 2× izdeliye 300
  • Air to sea loadout:
    • 4× Kh-35
    • 2× K-74M2 or 2× izdeliye 300
  • Hardpoints: Six external hardpoints.[144]
    • Kh-31[145]
    • R-73[146]
    • R-77[146]

The Sukhoi PAK FA is being equipped with a threatening arsenal. The armament of the T-50 includes air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground missiles, precision-guided bombs and several other weapons based on its missions. If all goes accordingly the T-50 will join Russia’s Air Force by 2017. Footage of the PAK FA stealth fighter can be seen in this clip along with the previous weapon testing footage.

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