North American P-51C Mustang ‘Princess Elizabeth’

North American P-51C Mustang ‘Princess Elizabeth’ | World War Wings Videos

Good-looking P-51 Mustang “Princess Elizabeth”

The North American P-51C Mustang ‘Princess Elizabeth’ was first assembled in 1944 by North American Aviation and soon sent to the United Kingdom, after acquiring its royal name. Many of the NAA built Mustangs received a name, each with their own story. Princess Elizabeth came to be as an officer’s suggestion to his superiors, an attempt at impressing the one that is still, to this day, the queen of England.

  • While also in the service of the US Army, the P-51 Mustang was first built by NAA for the Royal Air Force, many models being shipped overseas to the UK.
  • Renowned for its long range and large fuel tank, this fighter-bomber fit the bill as an effective escort for planes that carried even more ordinance.

Princess Elizabeth took flight from Bodney in world War 2, piloted by William Whisner and was responsible for dispatching a large number of Luftwaffe aircraft. Since WW2, the fighter has been re-assembled many times over, the most recent being at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, in 2013.

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