Extremely Low Mustang Banks Around Tanker Truck

Extremely Low Mustang Banks Around Tanker Truck | World War Wings Videos

This Flyby Is Simply Amazing. Never Saw Anything Lower!

We like to show you low passes around here. Whether they’re from shows or even movies, they’re always nice and low for you to see and hear. This one, however, is seriously the lowest flyby we’ve ever seen with a P-51 Mustang. This great footage was caught at the Battle Creek air show in 2008 and from the looks of it, a bystander just happened to have his camera out at the right time. We’re glad he did.

P-51 Mustangs were the best bomber escorts due to their incredible range of 1,650 miles, which is a lot for a fighter plane.

Mustangs are known for their dogfighting ability, but were especially effective as bomber escorts. Since bombers like Mitchells and Flying Fortresses were typically sent deep into enemy territory, they were quite vulnerable against intercepting aircraft. Although Thunderbolts, Lightnings and other planes were used to protect these squadrons, what made Mustangs more effective was their range. They were able to travel 1,434 miles fully tanked, but got to 1,650 miles with the use of external tanks. This gave them enough fuel to travel almost as far as most bombers.

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