Our Now Second Airworthy B-29 In The World Just Made A Historic Flight

Our Now Second Airworthy B-29 In The World Just Made A Historic Flight | World War Wings Videos

Doc's Friends

Proof That Hard Work Pays Off.

Some more exciting news for all you warbird lovers out there. Doc, a newly restored B-29 Superfortress has reached yet another milestone in its history. Better yet, the majestic flight was caught on camera and is truly a pleasure to watch so strap in and enjoy it.

We’ve been covering this restoration for a couple of years now and have waited for years for this to happen. That’s not a big price to pay considering the faithful and hard working volunteers have spent nearly 30 years making this dream a reality. If you don’t know this amazing story, let us give you a quick scoop.

Doc, no. 44-69972, rolled off the assembly live in March of 1945. Soon after that war was over and she was reassigned to target towing duty and eventually becoming a target for bombs herself.

“While the engines and all of the flight control surfaces performed as expected, we found a few minor issues that we will need to continue to fine-tune and maintain as we work through the flight test schedule.”-Doc’s Friends

She was then left in China Lake, California, for 42 years until she was found by Tony Mazzolini in 1987. It took him another 12 years to get her into a hangar and until this year, 2016, make her airworthy again.

We’ve actually showed you the first flight live a few months ago and here we have her second flight. This time she soared at about 4 to 5 thousand feet over Wichita, Kansas. The flight took roughly 50 minutes and the team was taking it through the test cycle to meet FAA requirements.

Although minor adjustments will be needed, the flight was a complete success. We’re hoping that soon she’ll join the airshow circuit and you can see her in a town near you.

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