The Crazy Pilot who Nursed his P-47 home

The Crazy Pilot who Nursed his P-47 home | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / FlakAlley

Resiliency Is Key

The resilience shown by Raymundo Canario and his Thunderbolt is something to be amazed at. 

YouTube / FlakAlley

His Thunderbolt got shot multiple times by Flak, the second time almost being fatal to the warbird. As if that wasn’t enough, he lost control of the plane and hit a factory chimney, losing 128cm off the right wing.

Surprisingly, it didn’t stop there. As he was returning back to base, allied Spitfires tried to shoot him out of the skies fearing he was an enemy.  

YouTube / FlakAlley

Because of this legendary story and 50 missions under his belt, he was given the Distinguished Flying Cross award. 

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