Extremely RARE B-52 Flyby With Vapor–She’s Screaming Too

Extremely RARE B-52 Flyby With Vapor–She’s Screaming Too | World War Wings Videos

This Is Actually Pretty Rare.

Ahhh…the good ol’ BUFF. There’s nothing else like in if you think about it. Old as hell and as the name suggests, a Big, Ugly, Fat F(ellow) let’s just say, B-52s are sent into conflicts for two primary reasons. To intimidate is one of them. If that doesn’t work, they’re there to decimate. With a payload of 70,000 lbs. this bomber is a force to be reckoned with.

As you can tell, the Stratofortess is one of our favorite planes. Coming from a long lineage of World War II era planes such as the Flying Fortress and the Superfortress, this jet propelled “version” has withstood the test of time. Conceived in 1955, this thing is still flying around keeping us safe in 2017. Now that’s engineering anyone can get behind.

The specifications for a new bomber that eventually became the B-52 were drawn up on November 1945. Still flying today, the Stratofortress is expected to serve well into the 2040s.

As for this video, it was again given to us by our friends AirShowStuff videos. Aviation fanatics themselves, they’ve caught something we’ve never seen before, at least in person. Flying faster than you would see it go at an airshow, this B-52 makes a mean left bank. Because of the speed and angle (and also many other factors), a neat looking vapor shield emerges on the top of the wings and fuselage. Add to that those screaming engines and you’ve got yourself an awesome video. Enjoy!

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