MiG So Low It Makes Massive Trees Sway-Insanely Loud

MiG So Low It Makes Massive Trees Sway-Insanely Loud | World War Wings Videos

OldFortYork / YouTube

Well, That Was Close.

Rules around the world are really different, especially if you’re in a war-torn country. You’d probably never see a Falcon, Eagle or Warthog grazing treetops over dozens of people anywhere in the United States, as situations like that never arise. In Ukraine however, it’s a whole different story.

We’re not going to get into politics, however, since Ukraine is fighting and in the middle of a government crisis, seeing armed fighter jets flying overhead is not uncommon. We’ve actually found more than a dozen such videos from dash cameras showing Ukrainian jets buzzing cars over highways.

This is partly due to their airspace being scanned by antiaircraft radar. For this reason, pilots use IFR (I Fly Roads), a simple yet sometimes dangerous tactic. Flying below 1,000 ft to avoid detection, pilots literally fly alongside roads to get to where they’re going. We’ve seen some low ones, but the one in this video takes the cake.

With dozens of people standing around on the side of the road, a MiG-29 swoops down from the sky. It looks like people are anticipating it, but this fighter gets really low. So low in fact that it grazes the tree tops. Although that’s pretty incredible in our book, what’s even more surprising is the lack of people’s reactions.

Notice the guy in the blue jacket and hat in the left bottom corner of the screen for example. He’s on his phone the whole time, yet after he sees the MiG fly by, he just takes another drag of his cigarette and keeps on talking. We guess this happens there every day then.

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