P-40 Kittyhawk Test Fire

P-40 Kittyhawk Test Fire | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / Lspace

This P-40 Gun Test Sounds Nasty

Yeah we get that the P-40 wasn’t the best plane of the war, but it was still a big role player especially in the beginning! Not only that, but what some forget is how maneuverable it was…comparable to a Zero. But let’s talk about why we’re so excited about sharing this video. FIREPOWER!! Yes.

Gotta love the six .50 cal machine guns inside the wings.

We’re not exactly sure where this took place, but it was definitely some sort of air meet. You can see some other planes in the background, but this was probably the event that stole the show.  You’ll never realize how powerful these guns are unless you really get to see footage like this. Although these are blanks, you can still get a taste of how much ruckus this thing makes.

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