P-63 King Cobra Cockpit View

P-63 King Cobra Cockpit View | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / 27jensen

Inside Look of the Kingcobra

Dr. Kevin Lee takes us on a trip onboard the P-63 Kingcobra during the annual 2011 Father’s Day Fly-in at Rexburg, Idaho. This beautiful P-63C is the only airworthy C variant of the Kingcobra left today. 

Before this aircraft was restored in 1996, it sat abandoned for decades at Van Nuys Airport, California. The fighter was supposed to be converted into an air racer until it suffered minor damages in the 1940s. After the restoration, the plane was painted as P-63A-6/42-69021.

The pilot did a tremendous job flying in formation with the museum’s SNJ-3. See how Lee made it look easy to pilot the 80-year-old fighter in the video below.

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