Red Tails: P-51 Mustang vs Messerschmitt Me 262

Red Tails: P-51 Mustang vs Messerschmitt Me 262 | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Davo De Gondolin

Littered With Inaccuracies?

Great acting aside, this clip from the movie “Red Tails” had everyone up in arms with how the aerial combat unfolded. 

Here are some of what the YouTube comments had to say:

Hit by 30mm minengeschoss : survived

Hit by 12.7mm bullets: destroyed

A P-51 faster than a ME-262? Hollywooooood!

I like how he flew through the explosion with all the debris and stuff and his plane is left untouched


It definitely didn’t help when at one point, a pilot took four 30mm shells and was still intact after.

Nevertheless, the movie was an entertaining watch. The aerial combat scenes were better than expected, and the story didn’t lose focus on the role the historic Tuskegee airmen played in WWII. 

What do you thinka bout the combat sequences? Tell us in the comments!

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