P-51 Mustang In A Video With No Music

P-51 Mustang In A Video With No Music | World War Wings Videos


Simple And To The Point.

This video is definitely making our “Top 10” favorite clips of all time list. When you see it, you’ll know why.

For starters, it’s well filmed. There’s no shaky footage or weird, out of focus shots. Whoever filmed this footage knew what they were doing. Also, he was using a pretty good microphone to record this, so you really hear the Allisons doing their job. With perfect footage that sounds great, what could be better?

What makes it even better is the subject that was being filmed. Yes, we’re talking about our beloved P-51 Mustang. Sleek and sexy, these warbirds sure look good in the sky. Adding to that the fact that the uploader spliced all his favorite clips together, we have ourselves a pretty awesome clip.

For most of the time, you’ll be seeing Mustangs in a steep dive screaming their heads off. That’s why we’re all here. To hear exactly that. Caused by air traveling into the gun ports (many say it’s the supercharger or the scoop, but it’s not), that distinctive sound gives people one more reason to love this old warbird.


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