Pilot With Attitude Gets Put In His Place By Another Funny Pilot

Pilot With Attitude Gets Put In His Place By Another Funny Pilot | World War Wings Videos

Live from the Flight Deck

Being an ATC (air traffic controller) can be an extremely tough job especially if you work at an airport with heavy traffic. You’re literally responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of lives that “hang” in the balance.

You need to navigate planes taxying, landing, approaching and taking off, so your eyes and your mouth are working all the time to make sure the whole operation is running smoothly.

Picture of the actual ATC tower in Atlanta. | Andrea Sinn / Public Domain

That being said, you’re also dealing with people. Pilots deal with ATCs and vice versa so sometimes you need to deal with a bit of attitude. In this case, there was no attitude yet the pilot managed to find something wrong.

Notice how the air traffic controller tried really hard not to laugh when the other pilot defended him.

Listen to the whole thing to get a feel for the word exchange between the pilot and ATC. It can be confusing at times as the ATC is talking to multiple people at at time and also other people are chiming in too.

Ken Fielding / Public Domain

Just try to remember Delta 2422, as that’s the plane with the pilot who’s having a bad morning. Check out the whole conversation and tell us who’s side you’re on. We take the side of the ATC.

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