Courageous Pilots Unite For World Record Breaking Dog Rescue

Courageous Pilots Unite For World Record Breaking Dog Rescue | World War Wings Videos

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Wings of Rescue.

Earning a pilot’s license is a deep honor that many understand the value of. Spending the time to learn how to navigate the skies and to see the world while at the same time maintaining safety for themselves and those around them. Ordinary pilots may not think of themselves as heroes, but a group of pilots came together and earned that title after saving the lives of several dogs.

Wings of Rescue is an incredible cause that saves dogs on the verge of being euthanized and finds them homes. They search the United States for homes willing to adopt these dogs but often times it isn’t local. Fortunately, a huge number of volunteer pilots came forward to lend their services to dogs in need.

“We are the only all-volunteer organization to fly this number of pets to safety. We transport healthy dogs and cats, pregnant and nursing moms and pets in need of major surgical procedures. Ground transport can often take 24 hours or mor and have the pets in the same crate without any food, water or walks. Most of our flights are completed within 3 to 4 hours.”

In this video, a world record breaking number of pilots came forward to take dogs to new families and save them from death. Check out this heartwarming story and how these pilots proved themselves to be heroes.

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