QUIZ | Bet You Can’t Match These Rare WWII Planes To Their Country

QUIZ | Bet You Can’t Match These Rare WWII Planes To Their Country | World War Wings Videos

Here We Go Again.

For the past few months, we’ve been giving you some quizzes which almost all of you seem to have liked. Most of them revolve around World War II planes, although sometimes we throw in a historical or statistical test to mix things up. All in all, we love digging up these facts and you love scratching your heads over them.

For this one, we did something a bit different again. As opposed to giving you tidbits about planes you already know by heart like B-17s, P-47s and Spitfires, we dug even deeper into the web and found some planes that are not so familiar for most.

Some of them were produced for just a short period of time and didn’t see much service, but we made it easier on you. We don’t want you to tell us the names of the planes. You just need to guess what country made them.

You’ll need to look at features such as gun and wheel placement and overall design. For all you buffs out there, this should be pretty fun as you already know the shapes and sizes of most planes and the general direction countries drove their design.

Just a heads up. Once you finish the quiz, we did provide an answer sheet providing the plane names, country that manufactured them, when they were introduced and how many were built.

Ok then. Let’s get to it.

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