Giant RC ME 163 Komet Low Pass

Giant RC ME 163 Komet Low Pass | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Rc Plane Display

A Showstopper

AIRWORLD’s own 1/3 scale Messerschmitt Me-163 performed its test flight in preparation for an upcoming airshow.

The 50-lb Komet was piloted by Thomas Gleissner, who showcased how incredible the build was at FMC Kinzigtal back in 2021. It offers one-of-a-kind high and low-speed handling qualities while also being able to perform low-level aerobatics, fast climbs, and quick fly-bys. 

Watching Gleissner maneuver the aircraft that high up in the air is almost unbelievable. You can tell the RC plane’s JETCAT P220 was working overtime that whole period!

Not to mention, that whole landing sequence was the icing on the cake. Like other commenters have said, this 1/3-scale Komet is one heck of a showstopper.

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