CAF’s B-24 Diamond Lil Startup and Takeoff

CAF’s B-24 Diamond Lil Startup and Takeoff | World War Wings Videos

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25th out of ~18,000

Built in May 1941 as the 25th Liberator out of the factory, Diamond Lil has had quite an interesting life. It was first contracted to be built for France, but Britain took over the contract and assigned it to the “Eagle’s Nest Flight Center” to train RAF pilots.

However, after just a month of service, Diamond Lil’s right main brake locked up during landing which resulted in damages far too severe for it to return to service. While still flyable – but not serviceable as a bomber – this Liberator was kept in service for logistic support throughout the war.

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Decades after the war, Diamond Lil would fall onto the CAF’s lap who then repainted her in the colors of the 98th Bomber Group of the Ploesti Raid. 

Nowadays, Diamond Lil can be seen touring the US to provide opportunities for the new and older generations to see the aircraft once more.

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