Should The Air Force Retire Or Upgrade The Warthog?

Should The Air Force Retire Or Upgrade The Warthog? | World War Wings Videos

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The opinion about the A-10 Warthog often varies. For some, they view it as a unique and essential aircraft, while others see it as rather outdated. 

YouTube / Military Aviation History

This leads us to the question – should the Air Force retire or update the Warthog? 

A-10’s Capabilities

If we sum it up to the essentials, the A-10 is a subsonic precision strike jet.

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It’s great in close air support, has a highly efficient 30mm gun for strafing, can engage armored and soft targets, can operate low on the deck, has great loiter time, and is free to operate from austere runways.

YouTube / Military Aviation History

Compared to other jets, it also has a low-cost system. No other plane combines these capabilities like the A-10.

The Criticisms

Many argue whether or not it should still be a platform that should be retained.

The main argument is that the A-10 is a highly situational bird, doing well in counter-insurgency operations, but has very little anti-air defense amongst insurgents. 

YouTube / Military Aviation History

While it did well in Desert Storm, employment limitations became obvious when it was at the receiving end of the air defense fire. 

YouTube / Military Aviation History

For instance, if it takes a hit and keeps on flying, it still needs repairs that can last for weeks and months. 

The Verdict?

According to the Military Aviation History channel, the majority of arguments for retention of the A-10 are based more on sentiment and marginal advantages the platform offers. 

YouTube / Military Aviation History

On the whole, the A-10 does not require an extended lifespan at the current development numbers. 

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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