RPG vs Toyota – Absolutely Not Devastating

RPG vs Toyota – Absolutely Not Devastating | World War Wings Videos

steveleeilikeguns / YouTube

Now This Is Explosive…Not Really.

The good ol’ RPG. Used for decades by mostly anybody who wanted to blow things up, the rocket-propelled grenade is something you use to absolutely positively make something hurt. From vehicles to compounds, these things are known for being reliable.

But without some type of super explosive warhead at the tip you typically only find in movies, what would a projectile like that do in terms of damage? Also, against a vehicle as resilient as a Toyota. You just can’t destroy these things.

Well, the YouTube channel called steveleeilkeguns, got their hands on an RPG7, a B-40 and a Toyota for a couple hundred bucks and let it have it. Here’s the thing. Since this isn’t Hollywood, the car did not explode in a spectacular fireball setting off a chain reaction that is worth a movie ending. It made some pretty big holes though.

Check out the video for yourself and see the anticlimactic ending. It is cool, however, to see a Toyota shot by an RPG regardless of end result.

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