Russia’s Version Of The A-10 Warthog Is…Well…This Frogfoot

Russia’s Version Of The A-10 Warthog Is…Well…This Frogfoot | World War Wings Videos

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Pretty Interesting Looking Plane.

While doing some digging around for more awesome A-10 Thunderbolt II videos to show you guys, we came across this plane. Russia’s SU-25 Grach, or Frogfoot, in English. Like the A-10, it was developed solely for close air support and was introduced to the Russian Air Force in 1978, just one year after the A-10 made its debut in the States.

We found a video which showcases its abilities in the air and also its armament. We’ll admit it up front. Finding out about this plane and looking at its visual characteristics and name, we set out to sort of make fun of it. After doing some research, however, we found out it’s not a bad plane at all.

We recommend watching till the end of this video (about 4 minutes.) They fire 20mm rounds into the cockpit.

The SU-25 is slightly smaller, which is probably why it’s about 100 miles faster than the A-10. It maxes out at 606 mph, but when it comes to everything else, its numbers are dwarfed. Although both planes have the same amount of hardpoints, 11, the A-10’s 16,000 lb. capacity is almost double that of the Frogfoot. It’s gun too, is not as good although it does pack a punch.

The Frogfoot is equipped with a GSh-30-2 30mm cannon. Its rounds are about 10mm shorter than the rounds of A-10’s GAU-8 but that’s not all. Its capacity is 250 rounds. Our Warthog has about more than 1,000.

All in all, it’s no A-10. The Frogfoot still does its job and does it well, but the GAU-8 combined with our pilots are a force no one can match.

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