Someone Took Spent A-10 Shells And Made Something Everyone Wants

Someone Took Spent  A-10 Shells And Made Something Everyone Wants | World War Wings Videos


Seriously, Who Wouldn’t Want These?

You’ve got to love creative people. They take one man’s trash and make it into a treasure. In this case, it’s not some much a man’s trash but the A-10’s bullets after they’ve done their job.

We’re sure that most of you know this, but here’s the quick scoop dealing with A-10 shells. Equipped with a GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon, this plane sprays 30x173mm caliber bullets at 72 per second. That’s a lot of hurt, which is why people are obsessed with both the plane and this gun. Now for the fun part.

Since one drum can hold up to 1,200 rounds, you’ve got yourself a lot of spent casings. As a side note, A-10’s store them internally as spewing them out would make a huge difference in weight and affect the way the plane flies. Bringing them back, some guys got a hold of some and have made…wait for it…SHOT GLASSES.

Made From Genuine GAU-8 Spent Casings


Cutting off the top 3/4ths or so of the casing, these guys are now selling every aviation guy’s dream. The shells are of course cleaned, polished and protected, but how many of you can say that you have genuine GAU-8 shell casings for shot glasses? We’re sure not many of you.

Hand Polished And Ready To Impress


Also, and this is big also, they sell them in a bundle of 7 with a flask which is made out of a full round. We’ve included a link to that as well in case you want to splurge. Seriously, how awesome are these?

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