Sounds Of War – High Quality WWII Battle Recordings

Sounds Of War – High Quality WWII Battle Recordings | World War Wings Videos

Deutsche Wehrmacht

War Thunder.

When we see films from World War II it is usually the grainy black and white kind with an old-timey reporter narrating. But every once in a while some really amazing footage of WWII emerges and this is one of those moments. Some really amazing color film of World War II captures some great battles and it even has audio to match.

Here we can see a variety of conflicts across the beautiful German countryside as it becomes ravaged by war. The sounds of war are present at every stage here as guns fire, planes soaring, tanks rolling and artillery blasting. The sounds we often think of as special effects in music in movies are in actuality very real on the battlefield.

The whole film really gives you a sense of all the action going on and how desperate the situation had become. It very exciting to see all the action going on in and just what the troops endured. See for yourself the thrills, sounds and energy going on in this color film from World War II.

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