Spectacular F-35 Flyby and Hover

Spectacular F-35 Flyby and Hover | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Ted Coningsby

A Casual Hover

An F-35B Lightning just made a special appearance at the 2023 RAF Cosford Air Show this June. Flown by a pilot from 809 Naval Air Squadron, the F-35B flew in from RAF Marham, which is the home of the Royal Air Force’s F-35Bs.

During its short visit, the Lightning was able to perform a few fly bys to the crowd’s delight.

However, its best moment was definitely at the 3-minute mark, when we got to see the Lightning hover in mid-air!

Ted Coningsby, the video uploader, was able to capture how the F-35 uses its jet engine to hover perfectly.

What a fantastic feat of engineering!

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