Impressive F-15C Eagle Engine Startup and Takeoff

Impressive F-15C Eagle Engine Startup and Takeoff | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / spencerhughes2255

One Proud Eagle

There are several reasons why the F-15C Eagle is one of the most famous aircraft in the world. Aside from its stellar combat performance, this fighter jet also benefits heavily from its sleek design and impressive engines.

In the video below, we get to see the 194th Fighter Squadron of the California Air National Guard’s 144th Fighter Wing start up their Eagles before taking off from Fresno Air National Guard Base.

YouTube / spencerhughes2255

You won’t only be seeing the usual drab colors, though. This one features a very American Eagle as well.

YouTube user spencerhughes2255 had the right idea to film these Eagles up close, letting us get a sneak peek of the fighters’ jet engines as it starts up.

After starting up, we get to see the F-15s take off with their afterburners in full force. We were left speechless due to how beautiful these birds were shot by the original uploader.

Check them out in action below!

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