Starting A P-51 Mustang Is Kind Of Like Rocket Science

Starting A P-51 Mustang Is Kind Of Like Rocket Science | World War Wings Videos

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Push Here, Pull There, Turn This, Check That….

Most of you would love to fly one of your favorite World War II warbirds. As great as that sounds, for most of us being behind the stick is just a dream. Not only do you have to actually know how to fly, but you also need to know a lot about the plane and engine itself. A couple million wouldn’t hurt either.

In this video, you’ll see exactly what we mean. We’re not saying it’s impossible to learn and master this, but it’s definitely more difficult than turning the key in you car. You have to know your stuff, that’s for sure.

Kermie Weeks is the man you’ll hear talking you through this process. An aviator, this guy knows his planes. As a matter of fact, he has a private collection of 140 of them. Yes, that was not a typo and you read that right. He has 140 planes some of which are from the World War II era.

Aside from the P-51 you’ll see in the video, he also has a Wildcat, Texan, Warhawk as well as some bombers like the Liberator and wait for it…both a B-17 and B-29. Now that’s a collection to be proud of!


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