Starting Up Red Bull’s Incredible P-38 Lightning

Starting Up Red Bull’s Incredible P-38 Lightning | World War Wings Videos

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Squeaky Clean

If you thought this P-38 was from a video game or simulation, then think again. The Flying Bulls’ P-38 Lightning was once owned by Marvin “Lefty” Gardner, who named her the “White Lightnin”.

It lived an exciting life, from flying behind enemy lines in WWII to competing in air races and air shows after the war. 

Gardner bought the P-38L and modified it into an F-5G, reworking its turbo systems and intercoolers for optimum low-altitude performance. In addition, he also fitted White Lightnin with  P-38F-style air intakes for better streamlining and finished it off by painting the aircraft white with red and blue trims. 

The White Lightnin crashed in 2001 and was purchased by Red Bull in 2005. Today, this Lightning is the only P-38 in Europe and is one of the most treasured pieces of the Flying Bulls’ entire hangar with its polished airframe.

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