Stressful MAX Crosswind Landing In Bahamas- Nerves of Steel

Stressful MAX Crosswind Landing In Bahamas- Nerves of Steel | World War Wings Videos

via steveo1kinevo YouTube


Sure, being a pilot is undeniably one of the best jobs in the world but it’s definitely not the easiest. Take this video for example. He’s got the best office with a spectacular view at that but it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.But somehow, he made it look easy so props to him! It’s takes some serious skills to pull off this challenging landing.

“The principle here is pretty simple: You’ll want to bank into the wind as you normally would for a crosswind landing, yet still keep a slight crab dialed in — just enough to keep you tracking straight on the runway. Once your upwind tire hits you’ll immediately want to use the rudder to align yourself with the runway and let the tire on the opposite side touch down.” – Stephen Pope via Flying Magazine

It may have been stressful on the pilot but this is surely fun to watch. And well, the breathtaking beauty of the Bahamas is a big plus.

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