Take A Seat In The Back Of A Spitfire And Enjoy This Epic Ride

Take A Seat In The Back Of A Spitfire And Enjoy This Epic Ride | World War Wings Videos

You Have To See This Amazing Footage From The Back Of A Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire was one of Britain’s best fighter planes, flying countless missions during World War II. With over 20,000 of them produced, the ‘Spits’ as they were called, were the most produced fighter aircraft in Britain during that time. Because so many of them were made, they became highly modified over the course of the war. With about 24 marks, the Spitfires had many sub-variants depending on their specific mission types.

Some of their alterations included:

  • Different wing configurations featuring a number of different weapons
  • Engine changes, most notably the Merlin to Griffon swap
  • Having a second seat installed for training

The Spitfire in this video is the TR9 variant, which was fitted with a secondary seat. These planes were built post war by converting the Mark IX frames and were also fitted with a bubble canopy for improved visibility. There were only 20 of them built by Supermarine, and they were sold to various air forces for training purposes. Only a handful of these variants survive today, one of which you’re about to see!

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