The Most Expensive Warship Ever Built Is Finally Ready

The Most Expensive Warship Ever Built Is Finally Ready | World War Wings Videos

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Powerful New Warship

The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford, one of the most expensive ever built, is finally ready for combat duty. It was quietly approved by the US Navy for initial operations capability in 2021.

YouTube / Across Media

This is the first Ford-class aircraft carrier that would replace the existing Nimitz-class carriers as the first class in decades. It was designed with a new radar system- the dual-band radar, electromagnetically powered aircraft launch catapults, and weapons elevators as well as new aircraft arresting gear.

YouTube / Across Media

Plagued with issues that led to its delay, we’re glad that it’s finally been deployed for a couple of months now. These carriers are expected to be in service for 50 years or more, and the centerpiece of the carrier strike groups of the US Navy for decades.

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