Secret Spot In UK Where Jets Whizz By Right Overhead- Too Incredible!

Secret Spot In UK Where Jets Whizz By Right Overhead- Too Incredible! | World War Wings Videos

Well, Now You Know Where Your Next Vacation Is Going To Be.

We once heard of a place where you can climb upon peaks in a rural area deep in Wales. Once you reach them, you can look down and see dozens, NO hundreds of wild jets roam the country side. We thought it was a myth passed down from generation to generation, but lo and behold we went on Youtube and found this mystical place.

Ok fellas, we thought we’d give creative writing a shot just to switch things up, but it’s not looking good so here are some really neat facts.

The F-15s you’ll in this video are a part of the 493rd Fighter Squadron which is tasked with air superiority in Europe and are referred to as the “Grim Reapers.”

This footage was taken in a mountain range commonly called the “Mach Loop.” It’s located in Wales and the name derives from the fact that both the RAF and the USAF practice fast maneuvers in close proximity to the canyon walls and the ground. The training is meant to teach pilots how to fly in mountainous regions without radar detection, and this is where they do it.

This place draws the attention of many spectators as you can imagine. If you ever think of going, we found an actual timetable the British government releases that tells you  EXACTLY when these exercises happen. Hope it helps some of you:

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