They Added This To The A-10 Warthog And Now It’s Way Deadlier

They Added This To The A-10 Warthog And Now It’s Way Deadlier | World War Wings Videos

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The Enemies Are About To Have A Really Bad Day…

If you think the Hog can’t get any tougher, think again. By now, everyone probably knows just how lethal the A-10 is. It’s capable of pulverizing ground targets and from what we have seen in strafing run videos, it has incredible firepower. So what if it can be upgraded with a fancy new weapon which will make it way deadlier? You see, an urgent request has allowed this legendary war bird to be installed with Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System or APKWS. These laser-guided rockets make for a more precise calibration — a nightmare for anyone on the Warthog’s business end. It has already been used in the AH-64 Apache last year and the AV-8B Harriers this year.

Just how ‘smart’ will this make old rockets? Well, without any exaggeration, it can hit targets at pinpoint precision even from three miles away. Because it’s relatively small, the A-10 could carry as much as 38 of these laser-guided missiles. Firepower? Check. Reduce collateral damage? Double check.

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