WWII Vet Given Extraordinary Chance–Didn’t Miss A Beat

WWII Vet Given Extraordinary Chance–Didn’t Miss A Beat | World War Wings Videos

The Greatest Generation.

On January 15th, 2015, Dr. Jule Lamm, a 91 year old World War II aviator, was given what he called one of the biggest opportunities of his lifetime. At this age, he said he was looking to do this for nearly 70 years and now was his chance to make it a reality.

“You know, there are certain things in your life…that you don’t think your life could be complete without. And this was it, you know, it made that. I did it.”-Dr. Jule Lamm

Lamm flew C-46s and C-47s during World War II and remained a pilot throughout his life. He has never however, flown a P-51 Mustang. Until now.

This is where the story really unfolds, as this whole experience was actually quite a fluke. His long time friend, Michael Winestone, was a well connected realtor in California. Hearing Lamm’s stories over the years, he decided to see how far his network would take him and made some phone calls so that his World War II veteran friend could fulfill his wish.

By some miracle, he got in touch with a man by the name of Richard Pack who was the proud owner of a P-51 Mustang. Moved by the story, Pack gave Lamm the back seat of his plane and off they went to make his dream a reality.

The two short interviews with Lamm are pretty amazing. The way he talks about his experience will definitely put a smile on your face.

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