They Waited For This Tigercat, But When It Came Down On Them…

They Waited For This Tigercat, But When It Came Down On Them… | World War Wings Videos

I’ve Seen Them Lower, But I’d Still Have Ducked

From the looks of the video this was footage was taken at a private airstrip and the pilot organized this cool little show. It’d be great to have a friend who just happened to own a Tigercat, but most of us are not that fortunate. We do get to see this awesome clip however and to a certain degree it makes us quite content. I’m sure that the people waiting on the runway had quite a lot of fun.

The F7F Tigercat was described by pilots as the best plane of World War II that didn’t actually see any combat during the war.

Designed by Grumman, the company that brought you the famous Wildcat, Hellcat and Bearcat during World War II, the Tigercat was only produced for a short period of time from 1943 to 1946. Because the Navy needed a new plane and this particular design had initial carrier landing issues, they were quickly phased out and sold on the civilian market. With only 364 ever produced, it’s really neat to see one in the air, especially that low buzzing some people on the ground.

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