Giant One Of A Kind RC Dornier Do 335

Giant One Of A Kind RC Dornier Do 335 | World War Wings Videos

The Closest We’ll Get To Seeing The Real Thing

These very uniquely designed planes were built for the Luftwaffe toward the end of World War II. There were only 37 of these warbirds built overall, as towards the end of the war German supply chains were crippled by the Allies. Since they couldn’t get materials to their factories, only a limited amount of them were built. The most interesting design feature of the Dornier Do 335 was it dual propellers. Located at the front and back, flight tests proved it to be the fastest piston engine plane of the time, with a top speed of 474 mph.

The dual propeller ‘push-pull’ layout reduced the aerodynamic drag thus producing a higher top speed.

As no airworthy examples of these planes remain, it’s refreshing to see that a talented hobbyist decided to build this massive RC. This awesome RC has a wingspan of almost 10 feet and is slightly more than 8 feet long. It’s powered by 2 45 ccm engines that can get this 40 lb. RC off the ground and as you’ll see, in experienced hands it handles quite well.

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