This Is How Intimidating A Lancaster Sounds When Swooping Over A Village

This Is How Intimidating A Lancaster Sounds When Swooping Over A Village | World War Wings Videos

bobsurgranny / YouTube

There’s nothing more magical than having one of your favorite aircraft randomly fly over your house, engines screaming. Such was the case a few years back and one of our favorite warbird YouTube channel, bobsurgranny, caught it on camera.

The Avro Lancaster

The warbird that was caught screaming was the Avro Lancaster. It was performing at the Dunsfold airshow back in 2012 and made a loop over Surrey village.

Canadian Warplane Heritage “Mynarski Memorial” Lancaster Mk X FM213 painted as “VR-A”. | Bzuk / Public Domain

Lancasters were the U.K.’s primary heavy bomber. They were introduced in 1942 and were produced until the end of the war with over 7,000 of them built during that time.  One notable attribute of this massive bomber was its ability to carry some of the biggest World War II bombs made at the time. 

Royal Air Force Bomber Command, 1942-1945. A 12,000-lb MC deep-penetration bomb (Bomber Command executive codeword ‘Tallboy’) is hoisted from the bomb dump to its carrier at Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, to be loaded into an Avro Lancaster of No. 617 Squadron RAF for a raid on the V-weapon site at Wizernes, France. | Devon S A (Flt Lt), Royal Air Force / Public Domain

One of those was the Tallboy and the Grand Slam which weighed 12,000 lbs. and 22,000 lbs. respectively. Both of these could be dropped out of the belly of a Lancaster without any modifications, something other bombers had to go through to fit those earth-shattering bombs.

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