This Is What Happens If A Bus Gets Within 100 Ft. Of A Jet Blast

This Is What Happens If A Bus Gets Within 100 Ft. Of A Jet Blast | World War Wings Videos

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Leave It To These Guys To Find Out.

Say what you want about them, but the team from Mythbusters which air on the Discovery Channel do have some great and entertaining experiments. From blowing stuff up to trying to walk on water, they skillfully test everyday myths people believe and make or break them. During this show, they did something our circle would really appreciate.

One of these engines produces 54,000 lbs. of thrust and a Boeing 747 has four of them.

Jet plasts are extremely strong, no matter what plane we’re talking about. However, for effect these guys managed to get their hands on a Boeing 747, the second largest passenger plane in the world. Propelled by four 7R4D2 engines which cause quite a commotion on the back end of them they effectively demonstrate exactly what force these engines produce.

First, they positioned the plane at an end of an empty runway and drew a line on the grass which marked 100 ft. They started slow by first driving a taxi in the back of the plane while the engines were going full throttle. It got blown away like a matchstick. Then it was time to test out the bus. We won’t give out the results here though. Enjoy the video.

UPDATE: The video was pulled but we found one with a big pickup truck. Still, pretty big thing to blow away.


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